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Sara'a Cooking Party is a casual game in which you get to cook dozens of different recipes for all your friends to savor. In a similar way to other titles like the fantastic Cooking Mama, you need to grate cheese, chop vegetables, mix sauces, select ingredients, etc. And of course, each of these activities gets done in a small minigame.

Sara's Cooking Party has more than 40 different recipes, which can be unlocked as you go on playing and get more popular. Starting out you can make pizzas and not much else, but it's not long before you begin to master new recipes. In addition, all the recipes in the game are split into different types of cuisine: French, Japanese, Italian, Indian, American ...

Once you finish preparing a dish you get to serve it at your friends' parties. By doing so, you gain more experience to move to the next level, while also attracting new followers for your character's cooking blog, which you can customize as you please.

Sara's Cooking Party is a highly entertaining cooking game with absolutely stunning visuals. A title that's appealing, educational, and attractive.

Android 4.2 or above required

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